WISDRI Engineering & Research Incorporation Limited (hereinafter referred to as WISDRI, formerly Wuhan Iron & Steel Design and Research General Incorporation of Ministry of Metallurgical Industry) is a hi-tech based engineering company well known around the world with R&D and engineering as the fundament, with iron & steel industry and environment protection industry as its main area and with patented equipment integration and manufacturing, general contracting as its core business.

WISDRI is committed to researching and developing, renovating and applying new processes, new technologies and new equipment featured with advancedness, practical use, energy saving, reduced consumption and environment protection. WISDRI owns independent intellectual property rights of the coal-based direct reduction shaft furnace technology (W-DRT®). And the W-DRT® is the modern-of-art direct reduction technology with the vision of green, environmental friendly, energy-saving and sustainability. With nearly 10-year continuous development and innovation, the W-DRT® is more and more popular and has been put into commercial operation in China and around the world.

1. W-DRT® Process Overview

W-DRT® uses the mixture of double-layer solidified pellets (made from properly sieved high grade lump ore or iron ore fine) and solid reducing agent (anthracite coal, etc.) as furnace charge. The charge is continuously charged into the coal-based shaft furnace by the distribution system at top. The fuel burns through flat flame burners at the space between the reactors of the furnace for heating. The charge moving in the enclosed vertical reactors undergoes in sequence “preheating (800~900℃)→reduction (1,100~1,200℃)→cooling→separation” process. The waste reducing agent is delivered by the conveyor (integrated with sieving functionality) through negative pressure to the waste reducing agent collection silo. DRI pellets are delivered by belt conveyors to the briquetting press where they are pressed into briquettes (80~120mm long ×40~60mm wide × 30~40mm thick, specific weight 3~4g/cm3).

The briquettes (with metallization degree of >90%) can be directly delivered to the steelmaking plant where they can be used as raw material for steel making. 

For the process flow, see diagram 1-1.

Diagram 1-1 Process flow of W-DRT®

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