Turkey is the world’s sixth largest steel importer. In year to date 2017 (through March), further referred to as YTD 2017, Turkey imported 3.2 million metric tons of steel, a 26 percent decrease from 4.3 million metric tons in YTD 2016. Turkey’s imports represented about 4 percent of all steel imported globally in 2016. The volume of Turkey’s 2016 steel imports was roughly half that of the world’s largest importer, the United States. In value terms, steel represented just 4 percent of the total amount of goods Turkey imported in 2016.

Turkey imports steel from more than 80 countries and territories. The 11 countries labeled in the map below represent the top import sources for Turkey’s imports of steel, with each sending more than 400 thousand metric tons and together accounting for 85 percent of Turkey’s steel imports in 2016.

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